Renee V Photography - Melbourne Newborn Photographer - Baby Fleuris

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Meet Fleuris

Melbourne Newborn Photographer


Fleuris7 days new


Baby Fleuris, 7 days new, was such a beautiful dream baby, so many smiles for her session!   She loved being wrapped up nice and cozy, as most babies do.



Big sister was so adorable with her and so gentle.  


I always include family photos in all my newborn sessions because I love the context it gives of this moment in time for my clients.



Thank you to this beautiful family for trusting me with your most precious baby!   



If you'd like to book a Newborn Session with me, please click here and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.  Most of my clients book several months in advance of their due date, as I only take a limited amount per month.  I look forward to hearing from you! 


A Newborn Photoshoot with Renee V Photography - Melbourne Newborn Photographer

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A Newborn Photoshoot with Renee V Photography

what to expect......



When should I book?

So your having a baby!  Such exciting times.... as soon as your little one arrives every second of your day will be filled with baby's undivided attention, including hours of just sitting and watching them sleep, unable to take your eyes off your precious little blessing you have created.  Before you know it they will be 3 weeks old and you'll notice so many changes, for many new parents this is the time when they think  about booking for a a Newborn photo shoot.  Unfortunately this can often be too late as sessions ideally take place between 4-12 days old.  I will always do my best to accommodate late bookings but this is not always possible.   They will never be so curled up like they were when they were indies you, or their tiny feet all wrinkled and new.......

This is why I always try to encourage parents to be to get in touch whilst they are still pregnancy.  Any time after your 20 week scan is perfect.  When we make a booking I pencil in your due date and this is flexible as we never really know when baby will arrive, with the exception on a planned c-section.  I limit the number of bookings I take per month to ensure that we will always be able to find a suitable date for your session when baby is between 4-12 days (ideally).


Your photo shoot?

Baby has arrived and we have agreed on a date for your session.  I will send you a preparation guide for ou to read and help prepare you for the day.  Newborn babies are very unpredictable so despite your best laid plans, there is every chance that they have gone out the window...

My newborn sessions are always baby-led and there is always plenty of time for feeding, changing and soothing when need be.  They normally last up to 2hours. 

When you arrive at my studio, I will start with wrapping them  for photos of them on either my beanbag or flokati, to them swaddled up nice and tight feels like being cuddled so it is a great way to get them into a nice deep sleep, once they are in a very deep sleep I can start to remove the swaddling so that I can capture those tiny hands and feet. 

The studio will be really nice and warm so that baby will stay happily asleep.



If at any point baby is awake but content and happy I will always take the opportunity to get some awake shots. If they are unsettled please don't stress, I have three children of my own (allot older than newborns now) and having photographed over hundred newborns I am fairly practised at soothing them.
Allot of people worry that trying to get photos of a potentially awake or crying baby will be too stressful and is enough to put them off having photos taken.  I personally don't think this has ever been the case and the overall feedback I receive are that it has been a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  So sit back, relax and watch me create some beautiful memories for you and your precious family to enjoy for many years to come.



Mummy & Me session - Melbourne Photographer

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Mummy & Me Session

Meet Jocelyn & Jazmin



Jocelyn and Baby Jazmin came into my studio for their Mummy & Me photography session this week, and how amazing do these images look?


Photographs that will be treasured for years to come.


Melbourne Maternity Photographer - MoMo Twins

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Meet Melbourne's MoMo Twins - Olivia & Zoe

Monochorionic/Monoamniotic twins (MoMo twins)



Oliva & Zoe were born 26.01.2019, they were 28 weeks & 5 days new, which is about 11 weeks premature.

They spent 11 weeks in hospital..

I had the pleasure of meeting these beautiful girls and their parents when they came to my studio for their Newborn Session, they were 4 weeks corrected age at that stage.



Here's a little info about MoMo Twins.....

MoMo twins mean Monochorionic (single covering sac) Monoamniotic (single amniotic sac or bag of water). It means that both the babies are in the same amniotic sac and have only a single covering or chorion. These twins are often called “mono mono identical twins”, and just about 1% of all twins are MoMo twins.




How MoMo Twins Form

Identical (monozygotic) twins develop from a single egg-sperm combination that splits into two. If the split is delayed, usually a week or so after conception, the processes of growing a placenta, chorion, and amniotic sac are already underway. The two embryos will then develop within a single, shared sac, resulting in MoMo twins.

Only about 1 percent of twin pregnancies will occur in this manner.1

The majority of monozygotic twins will develop with separate sacs, or sometimes with separate amnions within a shared chorion, which are described as monochorionic-diamniotic or MoDi.

MoMo babies always have identical features and are of the same sex because they derive from the same gene set. No cases of the chromosomal abnormality that sometimes results in boy-girl sets of monozygotic twins have ever been identified in MoMo twins.



During a twin pregnancy, most mothers are routinely monitored with ultrasound. Doctors will look for the presence of a dividing membrane that indicates that the twins are in separate sacs.

The lack of a membrane or a thin or vague line may prompt further analysis to confirm the situation. Ultrasound is the only way to detect MoMo twins.

MoMo twins are often misdiagnosed in the early weeks of pregnancy when the membrane is so thin as to be nearly invisible. Often, a later ultrasound reveals a dividing membrane confirming that twins are actually monochorionic-diamniotic.


Preterm Birth

After 24 weeks, the survival rate of MoMo twins is about 75 percent to 80 percent. Many MoMo twins experience life-threatening complications as early as 26 weeks resulting in spontaneous preterm delivery or an earlier than planned Cesarean Section (C-section). Preterm delivery is often associated with a number of other life-threatening conditions.


What an honour it was to be their Newborn Photographer!


Melbourne Baby Photographer - Toddler Milk Bath

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Toddler Milk Bath

Meet Kyah 




The absolutely gorgeous Kyah loved her Milk Bath... this was back in 2019.

Please get in touch with me if you want to book a Toddler Milk bath and document all the fun!