Birthday Cake Smash & Splash Preparation Guide

Firstly, thank you for booking your session with Renee V Photography.

In order to make sure you get the best out of your session, I thought I'd share with you some helpful information.





If you would like to use your portraits to display at baby's birthday party or as invites, I recommend having your session take place when baby is 10 1/2-11 months old.  This will give enough time to receive your images from the Cake Smash.


Let your baby have cake or a cupcake at least a couple of times before the Cake Smash session, this way they will be familiar with cake enough to move past the exploration phase and they can get excited about it like the rest of us! believe it or not, many babies think the texture of the icing feels weird, some babies don't like it at all and get upset when it wont easily wipe off, and some babies are very interested in it and examine it very seriously :)

Leave siblings at home if possible, especially those that are under 4yrs, they don't understand why they cant have cake too.  This session is a special occasion for your little one, so we want to make this day all about baby! 




Because there are so many different food allergies out there these days (dairy, sugar, wheat etc), I do not provide the cake for your Cake Smash session.  I ask that the parent provide the cake, this gives you full control over what's inside the cake!  I strongly recommend ordering a smash cake from a professional bakery.  (I can recommend a few local ones).

Size:   I recommend a 6" cake.

Please pick a cake that matches your theme/colours.  I will have a beautiful backdrop so bringing along a cake to match is definitely important.

Frosting:   Be sure to choose a cake that has frosting and not fondant.   Fondant isn't very messy and babies don't seem to like the texture.  Please avoid fondant decorations as they can pose as a choking hazard.

Frosting colours:  Try to avoid brown and red which can look a little less than pleasant when smeared on your little one's face.  I recommend light colours for the cake and frosting.    Sprinkles always photograph great, especially if you want to add some accent to your cake.   A "naked cake" with white icing is always a great choice for any theme.

Get the cake out of the refrigerator 2-3hrs before the start of the session to allow for the frosting to soften to room temperature.

If you prefer to provide a home baked cake, please make sure that no toothpicks or other structural items are placed inside the cake.  Please also avoid lining the base plate with tin foil.




No worries at all.  You can bring your little one in to smash anything you like.  I've done doughnuts, watermelon and pasta sessions.

Let me know if you have something else in mind!




The Cake

Cake Smash Outfit - Outfit choice is up to you, I recommend bringing your own although I do have a very small selection too so please get in touch for more information.

Bottle or Sippy cup, helps to wash down the cake.

Little snacks for baby (sometimes we pop them on the cake in case they need a little help being more interested in it)

Baby's favourite toy, helps with getting their attention.

Extra clothes for yourself and Baby, it get's messy!

Body wash if you have a baby that has sensitive skin and you would like to use your won.

Wipes, Extra nappies

If your child takes a pacifier, bring one with you in case they need calming.




Your cake smash session will run for roughly 45mins to an hour. 

Please don't assume they will dive in right in, we will let baby set the pace, some babies are more than happy not to make a huge mess, while others may need a little encouragement.  Be ready to get your hands messy and help... :)

Whatever the outcome, know that this session is definitely going to be one to cherish.




After we have finished the Cake Smash we will then have a lovely miniature claw foot bath, warm with bubble bath ready for baby to hop in. This creates more adorable photo opportunities for me.

Please bring your own body wash if your baby has sensitive skin.  

Your baby will most definitely need another bath when they get home as they can still feel greasy from the icing.

Fresh towels are provided.  Please feel free to bring your own if you prefer.  Our baby tub is sanitized after each session.