COVID-Safe Plan


My number one priority is to ensure the safety of your family and mine, as it's always been.  I am taking all the necessary steps to protect our collective health by following the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria guidelines.

Vulnerable people are part of our livelihood and job - newborns, grandparents and children, and even before the recent global pandemic, we were washing hands and practising good hygiene.






My COVID-Safe workplan will be updated regularly and in accordance with current restrictions (Business and work | Coronavirus Victoria) and public health advice changes - Department of Health and Human Services Victoria | For health services and professionals - COVID-19 (
and applies to all indoor studio sessions.


Business Name - Renee V Photography

ABN - 83238418189

Plan completed by Renee Vaeluaga

Date reviewed - 18/10/21

As we near the end of yet another Melbourne lockdown, the rules and regulations for photography have once again changed. Please read below to see the requirements for the professional photography industry in accordance with the Victorian Covid19 Roadmap Out of Lockdown and as recommended by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers).

70% Of 16+ Population Fully Vaccinated (Indicative Date October 26th 2021)

  • outdoor sessions may resume.
  • sessions must be held within 25km of the participants' home address.
  • limit of 50 participants.
  • all participants over the age of 16 must be double vaccinated.

80% Of 16+ Population Fully Vaccinated (Indicative date November 5th 2021)

  • outdoor sessions may resume.
  • no restrictions on distance being travelled.
  • limit of 500 participants for outdoor sessions and 10 participants (including dependents) for studio sessions.
  • all participants over the age of 16 must be double vaccinated.



I have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (2 shots plus Booster) and can provide proof of this upon request.







Ensure physical distancing

Both the client and the photographer must remain a minimum of 1.5 m from each other at all times.

Only members of the same household can be photographed together indoors.

All transactional activity will be undertaken online.

Final Products will be posted directly to your place of residence, rather than my usual personal delivery service.


Wear a Face Covering

A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times throughout the photography session.

Unless lawful exception applies, all people 12 and over will wear a face mask and only remove that face covering for the duration of the photography session.

Disposable face masks will be discarded immediately after session.


Practice good Hygiene

Clients must disinfect using hand sanitizer upon entering the studio.

Vigilant hand and cough hygiene will be maintained at all times by the photographer and client.

Disposable face masks and hand sanitizer will be available at the studio for use by the Client/s if needed.

The studio will undergo a deep clean and wiping down of all touch surfaces and bathroom facilities prior to each session with disinfectant.

Camera equipment, props, blankets etc. will be thoroughly cleaned and laundered between each client.

Clients are not permitted to handle any of the photographer’s equipment.



Keep records and act quickly if anybody becomes unwell

Contact details for all clients being photographed will be collected prior to the session.

The importance of not attending/rescheduling if unwell will be reinforced and is applicable to both the client and the photographer.

Any exposure to a person with Covid-19 will result in the closure of my business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities.

In the event of the photographer coming into contact with a person with COVID-19, Work Safe Victoria will be notified immediately, and all contact details will be provided. Any exposure to a person with COVID-19 will result in the closure of this business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities.

In the event that the client comes into contact with a person with COVID-19, they shall notify the photographer immediately and will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative test result.


Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Airflow will be enhanced by opening windows and doors where possible during an indoor studio session.


Creative Workforce bubbles

As a Sole Trader, I will be working alone.







Studio Policies

The policies listed in this section are ones that have always been and will continue to be in place for the studio. Bold policies are newly updated based on the current health situation.

  • All props are sanitized after use.
  • Wash all used fabrics between sessions.
  • Rescheduling any sessions or appointments if illness is suspected.
  • Photographer will be wearing a mask for the duration of your session.
  • Photographer will have sanitizer on hand at all times which will be used more frequently than normal.



Client Policy Changes

In order to maintain the utmost safety, we ask that you, as the client, follow these steps to ensure our wellbeing as well as your own.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available to you upon entry into the studio as well as in every shooting room.
  • All seating areas and studio usage will be sanitized after every appointment.
  • Only immediate family members allowed until further notice.
  • I ask that you limit visitor interactions until after your scheduled session and ordering appointment takes place.
  • If you've been in contact with anyone other than your immediate family, please disclose with me at least 2 days prior to your appointment.
  • Please cancel your appointment within 24hrs if you are experiencing any of these symptoms: Fever, cough, dizziness, lack of taste/smell, fatigue (not from lack of sleep).