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Meet Melbourne's MoMo Twins - Olivia & Zoe

Monochorionic/Monoamniotic twins (MoMo twins)



Oliva & Zoe were born 26.01.2019, they were 28 weeks & 5 days new, which is about 11 weeks premature.

They spent 11 weeks in hospital..

I had the pleasure of meeting these beautiful girls and their parents when they came to my studio for their Newborn Session, they were 4 weeks corrected age at that stage.



Here's a little info about MoMo Twins.....

MoMo twins mean Monochorionic (single covering sac) Monoamniotic (single amniotic sac or bag of water). It means that both the babies are in the same amniotic sac and have only a single covering or chorion. These twins are often called “mono mono identical twins”, and just about 1% of all twins are MoMo twins.




How MoMo Twins Form

Identical (monozygotic) twins develop from a single egg-sperm combination that splits into two. If the split is delayed, usually a week or so after conception, the processes of growing a placenta, chorion, and amniotic sac are already underway. The two embryos will then develop within a single, shared sac, resulting in MoMo twins.

Only about 1 percent of twin pregnancies will occur in this manner.1

The majority of monozygotic twins will develop with separate sacs, or sometimes with separate amnions within a shared chorion, which are described as monochorionic-diamniotic or MoDi.

MoMo babies always have identical features and are of the same sex because they derive from the same gene set. No cases of the chromosomal abnormality that sometimes results in boy-girl sets of monozygotic twins have ever been identified in MoMo twins.



During a twin pregnancy, most mothers are routinely monitored with ultrasound. Doctors will look for the presence of a dividing membrane that indicates that the twins are in separate sacs.

The lack of a membrane or a thin or vague line may prompt further analysis to confirm the situation. Ultrasound is the only way to detect MoMo twins.

MoMo twins are often misdiagnosed in the early weeks of pregnancy when the membrane is so thin as to be nearly invisible. Often, a later ultrasound reveals a dividing membrane confirming that twins are actually monochorionic-diamniotic.


Preterm Birth

After 24 weeks, the survival rate of MoMo twins is about 75 percent to 80 percent. Many MoMo twins experience life-threatening complications as early as 26 weeks resulting in spontaneous preterm delivery or an earlier than planned Cesarean Section (C-section). Preterm delivery is often associated with a number of other life-threatening conditions.


What an honour it was to be their Newborn Photographer!



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